A downloadable Unknown mystery for Windows

Parasite is a sci-fi adventure horror game. It takes place onboard a space station sometime in the far future drilling the moon of Jupiter, Europa. Victor is sent to the station following a distress signal sent by the crew following mysterious murders onboard the station.

The game is short and has multiple outcomes, so the player is encouraged to play it several times. Each time exploring and interacting with NPC's.

This game has been created by several students, including myself and is somewhat unpolished. 

Please feel free to enjoy our little game and share any feedback!

Install instructions

Simply download and play the project after unzipping the files! Leave a comment regarding any issues!


Parasite.zip 34 MB

Development log


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viktor couldn't move at the end, very upsetting. pls fix

Hi thanks for the info I’ll look into it asap 

Enjoyed the game and the story, there was a bug that occured when you release the prisoner when trying to escape. There was also a bug (maybe it was intentional) where the monster would appear from outside of the screen view and cause a game over.

Still a very good game and if those minor bugs would be polished away it would be great.

As Usual Gameplay Footage from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

Overall, good game! I only got 2 endings ("neutral" and "best") and had some trouble getting anything else because Viktor kept getting stuck for some reason. I feel like part of the explanation at the end of the "best ending" was a little confusing (didn't notice any blood on myself at any point in the game). Also not sure why the prisoner was missing from his cell on day 3. I also didn't notice a save system (unless I somehow missed it??). If there wasn't a save system, I would definitely recommend one especially for games with multiple endings. For the most part though, the gameplay was smooth, the story was engaging, and the music was great!

Thanks so much! Yeah this project has a lot of rough bits but it’s a work of love for sure. Hopefully a future update of the project will have more fixes.